FX Capitalist Scalping Robot Powered By H1 Timeframe!

FX Capitalist is a scalper robot that trades on the H1 timeframe. FX Capitalist robot has a built in scalping strategy that has a 1:3 risk to reward ratio for most of the trades. Many scalpers think that scalping is only possible on the lower timeframes like M1 and M5 but to your astonishment scalping is very much possible on the higher timeframes like H1 and H4 and even D1. Scalping requires quick action as you are only looking for making 10-15 pips profit per trade and since the price changes quickly you need quick execution of your trades. Scalping robots have had a number of execution issues like:

1. Many brokers have execution issues when it comes to making multiple rapid orders in a short period of time. So most of these trades get executed without proper accuracy.

2. There are issues with stop loss as well as in most cases you can only have a stop loss greater than 2-3 pips.

3. Slippage means your stop loss doesn’t get executed with these low numbers.

James O Reilly the developer of FX Capitalist Scalper Robot claims that he has solved the above problems and his robot can work with multiple brokers. This scalper robot works on the H1 timeframe where the picture is much more clear as compared to the shorter timeframes like the M5 and M15. You can take a detailed look at the FXCapitalist MyFXBook third party accounts that have been posted by James O’ Reilly on his site. If you get interested, first test this robot on the demo account for one month. If the performance of good, you can open a live account with $200 and further test this robot on it.

FX Capitalist