Forex ProfitCaster Software Tool Dirty Napkin FREE Presentation By Bill Poulos!

Forex ProfitCaster You must watch this Forex ProfitCaster FREE Presentation-How This Dirty Napkin Predicts The Direction Of the 8 Most Profitable Forex Markets w/79.6% Accuracy. In this Forex ProfitCaster FREE presentation, Bill Poulos talks about how he spent more than $116.124K in developing a web based custom trade alert software application that predicts the triangle breakout patterns on the H4 and D1 timeframes for the 8 major pairs. This Forex Profit Caster software draws a series of triangles on the H4 and the D1 timeframe to predict the big moves in the market.

Trading triangle patterns is what the pro traders love to do. For an inexperienced trader making these triangle patterns is not an easy thing. Most new traders simply can’t figure out whether this is a triangle pattern or not and when the breakout will take place. You see before each major market move, most charts will start showing a triangle pattern. Price action gets squeezed into a triangle until it makes a huge breakout either in the up or the down direction. Watching this FREE presentation will help you realize the power of this trading method.

Forex Profit Caster

Bill Poulos says that while sitting on the dining table he got the idea of developing this web based custom trade alert software. He took a dirty napkin and jotted down what he was thinking at that time. But developing this trade software app was not easy. He has spent almost more than a year in developing this web based custom trade alert software application and as said above, it cost him around $116K in getting the software programmed. In the presentation, he shows how easily it makes these triangle patterns for the 8 major pairs on the H4 and the D1 timeframes. He is also working on making this software work on the lower timeframes. When that happens, you can also try this sofware app on the lower timeframes. In the next few days, Bill Poulos is going to release a few more videos in which he is going to explain the trading method behind this software application in much more detail plus he will answer your questions about the software and the trading method.

He will also be giving a few copies of the Forex ProfitCaster Trade Alert Software plus the Home Study Course FREE. You just need to leave a comment below the presentation if you want to win a FREE copy of this software plus the home study course. The best comment makers will get the copies FREE. Even if you don’t get the copies FREE, you can try the Forex Profit Caster Software RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account and if it doesn’t work, you can always ask for a refund.

Always make it a rule to first test a new software or the strategy on the demo account. This will help you become more familiar with that software or the strategy. Once you get good results on the demo account, only then think about trading live with that software or the strategy.