Forex Triple B Software Uses Advanced Divergence Identification Algorithm

Forex Triple B software has been developed by Vladimir Ribakov. Forex Triple B is a complete software package is based on sophisticated algorithms developed by Vladimir Ribakov over the last 3 years. It analyzes the market 24/5 on the 2 timeframes that you are comfortable trading. It gives a trade alert when there is a high probability setup. After the alert it waits for your confirmation and it will only enter into a trade when you confirm the signal.

Forex Triple B

Vladimir Ribakov has programmed Forex BBB with his Advanced Divergence Identification alogrithm that allows it to generate consistently profitable trades even under highly volatile markets. The software 5 automated filters that filter out bad trades before they happen.

So who is this Vladimir Ribakov? Vladimir Ribakov is considered to be amongst the top traders in the world. For the past 11 years he has worked for hedge funds and the big brokerages and has trained thousands of new traders how to successfully trade currencies. In the last 3 years he has made 51,305 pips. Divide that be 3 and you will find how many pips he made in a year and divide that by 12, you will find how many pips on average he makes in a month.  You can try his Forex BBB system RISK FREE for 60 days. Go ahead!