How To Setup Your Day Trading Workstation Video Tutorials

Scalping is mostly done by day traders. If you are a day trader then you must have an office. It can be a home office in your study room or even in your bedroom. Trading opportunity can present itself anytime of the day. You never know. Your system knows it. So you will need to keep the computer screens infront of your eyes all the time just in case there is a good trading opportunity. Keeping computer monitors infront of you is not easy. This requires you to setup your multiple monitor trading station in such a manner that you can always take a quick glance at the computer screens and find out where the best trading opportunity lies. You need to setup your office for maximum efficiency. Now it is not necessary to have a multiple monitor workstation. You can pretty much as well have a single/solo monitor workstation. Watch all the videos below that explain how to setup multiple monitor workstation as well as setup a solo monitor workstation.

Today’s markets are very fast. More so if you are a scalper. You need very quick reflexes when you are scalping. There should be multiple monitors infront of you if you are trading more than 1 currency pair. You need to keep an eye on all these monitors to find the best scalping opportunity. Watch the video below in which Linda Raschke explains her work station in detail.

This is another video in which another day trader Rob Smith explains his day trading work station!

This is a good tutorial on how to setup your trading monitor and screenspace for maximum efficiency.

This is another good video that explains how to setup your day trading workstation!

This a very good Day Trading Radio Station video tutorial on how to day trade using just one computer monitor! This video tutorials it shows how to setup multiple windows on your computer monitor alongwith some keyboard shortcuts as well as third party application that you might make use of.

In this video a day trader explains in detail his home office workstation!

In this video a day trader explains his new workstation!

This a Miami Trading Floor video tour!

This is from a day trader from Amsterdam!