Forex Pip Key System Plus PipKey Indicator FREE Download!

You can download the Pip Key Trading System plus the Pip Key Indicator FREE for the next few days. Pip Key Trading System is a FREE gift from the developer of a ground breaking Forex Trading System Piet Swart that he calls the Forex Income Map. First download the Forex Pip Key System, go through the PDF that explains the system in detail. This is a simple system that Piet Swart uses amongst his other systems to make one profitable trade after another on a consistent basis. Once you have gone through the Forex Pip Key System, download the PipKey Indicator Software FREE and install it on your MT4. This is what you get when you visit the Forex Income Map site but only for the next few days:

1. PipKey PDF

2. Pip Key Instructions Video

3. Pip Key Intro Video by Piet Swart

4. PipKey Indicator Software Download

Piet Swart is no ordinary guy. He was a small farmer who lost his farm. Infact he lost everything and was so desperate that he didn’t know how to support his wife and four kids. Then he discovered the world of forex trading. But it was not easy. He lost in the beginning. But then with determination and effort, he was able to master forex trading like a pro. Now he charges something like $500 per hour to advice the very same people who once said that he was a bad risk.

In the next few days, he will be launching his Forex Income Map ground breaking trading system. Stay tuned as he has some more free gifts for you in the next few days. Meanwhile download the Forex Pip Key System PDF, watch the instructions video and then download the PipKey Indicator and trade with it on your demo account and judge for yourself how good it is.

When you download the PipKey Indicator, don’t forget to leave a comment below on the Forex Income Map site as Piet Swart will be taking a look at these comments in the next few days and select the best few comment makers to teach them his Forex Income Map System and train them in his private Map Room Members Area.


  • Tony

    August 7, 2012

    Could you please email me the Pipkey insrtuction manual please? as the download on their website seems to be corrupt…the indicator downloads ok but not the instruction PDF.

    Many thanks

    • admin

      August 8, 2012

      Hi Tony, I can’t find the download of PipKey Indicator on my computer. Please email support of Old Tree Publishing. I think they will be able to help you.

      Best Regards