Ultimate Profit Solution FREE Profit Spring Trading System

Toshko Raychev is about to launch his Ultimate Profit Solution. He is giving his Profit Spring Trading System FREE for the next few days as part of his product prelaunch sequence.You can download the 14 page Profit Spring Trading System PDF plus indicators and template FREE. This 14 page PDF explains this Profit Spring Trading System. This is an easy to understand system. The Reward/Risk ratio for this system is 1:1. Take a look at a sample long trade with this system.

Ultimate Profit Solution

In the above screenshot you can see this system uses three indicators. Basically this is a trend following system that ensures that the trader stays on the right side of the trend. For making a long trade, green line moving average should be above the red line moving average, MACD should be above zero, Stochastic should be above 50 level and CCI should be above zero. Opposite rules apply for making short trades. Below is the screenshot of a short trade.

Ultimate Profit Solution

In the above screenshot you can see a short trade. In the above screenshot you can see a number of bands. These bands are known as TR bands. You can either use a 1:1 Reward/Risk ration for the trade. You can also use the TR bands for taking profit. You should have the concept of swing high and swing low. Swing high is formed when the high of the candle is higher than the two candles on the left as well as the two candles on the right of that candle. In the same manner a swing low is formed when the low of the candle is lower than at least two candles on the left as well as at least two candles on the right.

Always focus on risk management. You should go for a high reward/risk ratio for a trade. This ensures that you make more on average as compared to you are going to lose. You can also read this post on a recent AUD/USD sell trade that made 200 pips with a small 20 pips stop loss. These types of trades that have a high reward to risk ratio are going to grow your account equity exponentially.

In the above Profit Spring System, you can either use a 1:1 R/R or you can use the TR Bands for profit taking. First TR Band will be take profit level 1, second TR band will be take profit level 2 and so on. Designing a profitable trading system is not easy. But if you are patient and determined you can do it. It will just take a few months.Once you have the basic design of the system, you need to test it thoroughly. The same applies to a new system. You should always test a new trading system thoroughly. Make at least 50-100 trades with that system. Calculate the average stop loss and the average take profit. You should also calculate the average winrate.

Toshko Raychev is a champion forex trader. He won the Surefire Trading Championship not only once but twice. Surefire Trading Championship is the biggest online forex trading competition. Thousands of traders from across the world take part in it. Beating thousands of traders by making the highest return in one month is a real challenge. Toshko Raychev has an average winrate of 92.34%. So stay tuned. In the next few days, he is going to release a second trading system that you can also download FREE. After a week, he will open the doors to his Ultimate Profit Solution that he says has an average winrate of 92.34%. He will also giver a few copies of his Ultimate Profit Solution gratis to those people who leave a good comment on his site when they download his Profit Spring Trading System. So when you download this Profit Spring Trading System, take 5-10 minutes and leave a good comment below the download link, you can be the lucky winner of Ultimate Profit Solution by Toshko Raychev.