Instant Forex Cash System Makes Upto 600 Pips Per Day!

Instant Forex Cash is a price action based system that has been developed by Timothy Stevens. This Forex System combines price action with a group of custom indicators and chart formations to spot high probability trade setups. It also comes with about 5 hours of video training. You will also be able to download an Instant Forex Cash Signal’s Indicator as well that you can use on all the major pairs on the H1 and H4 timeframe. This Instant Forex Cash Indicator gives on average 1-2 trading signals daily and each signal can make upto 600 pips per day.

Timothy Stevens is giving 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee so that you can try his Instant Forex Cash System. So if you get interested, first go through the 21 training videos that explain the how to trade currencies. If you are a new trader, these 21 training videos will help you a lot in understanding how to trade currencies. Once you have gone through the videos, download the signal indicator and install it on the demo account.

Test this Signal Indicator for at least one month. Daily trade with it’s signals. As said above, it will be give on average 1-2 signals daily. Each signal will give you the profit target as well as the stop loss level. Just enter these signals on the demo account and note in a trading journal whether the signal was a winner or a loser. In case of a win how many pips you made and in case of a loss how many pips you lost.

After 3-4 weeks, do a thorough analysis of the performance of these trading signals. First note the win rate of these signals. Then note how many pips you made in total and also note how many pips you lost. If the win rate is good something above 80% and you made more pips during the month than you had lost, you can think on trading live with the Instant Forex Cash Signal’s Indicator.