FX Hiway Forex Scalping Strategy By Jason Sweezey!

FX Hiway is a scalping strategy that has been developed by Jason Sweezey. In scalping, you have to be quick. So Jason has also developed a FX Hiway Quick Execution Tool that will help you snag quick pips from the market. You should not miss watching FX Hiway Trading System short video made by Jason in which he explain how he scalps using his system. When the market is not trending, the only strategy that works is scalping. There are not many reliable and useful scalping tools available for traders. Jason has developed this FX Hiway tool so as to bridge this gap. Take a look at the following two screenshots that show this FX Hiway System in action.

FX Hiway Scalping System

FX Hiway Scalping System

Now when you are scalping on the MT4 platform, you need 3 clicks to open a trade and another 3 clicks to close the trade. With Quick X Tool, you can open a trade with 1 click and close the trade with 1 click making it just 2 clicks to open and close a scalping trade as compared to 6 clicks which will make scalping easier and more profitable for you. This Quick Execution Tool can get you into a trade in just 20-30 milliseconds as compared to using the slow order window on MT4 platform.

You can use this FX Hiway Scalping Strategy to make quick 7-10 pips on the market open meaning if you are living in Europe, you can use this scalping strategy at the open of London Market and if you are living in US, you can use this scalping strategy at the open of NY Session.