Furious Scalper Indicator By Austin Winston That Makes 100+ Pips In Any Market!

Watch this Furious Scalper FREE video presentation by Austin Winston. Austin Winston has just released his Furious Scalper indicator. This is a buy/sell scalping indicator that works even in a flat market. Austin Winston has been working on this new scalping indicator for quite sometime. He has finally got it programmed with the help of a professional Russian programmer. He claims that his new Furious Scalper Indicator can make 100+ pips daily in any market condition. Learning how to scalp is a must as most of the time the market is flat or what you call choppy without any clear cut trend. When the market moves sideways there is no other strategy except scalping that works.

Furious Scalper

This is a screenshot of the Furious Scalper in action. Scalping is mostly done in a flat market when you quickly enter and exit the market grabbing a few pips each time. As the above screenshot shows, you will be making 5, 7, 10, 12 or even 13 pips with this indicator.

Furious Scalper Indicator

You can try this scalping indicator on the demo account first. Austin Winston is giving 30 days of money back guarantee. So if you want, you can download this indicator and first test it on the demo account. One thing that you should keep in mind is that choice of the broker is very important when you are scalping. You should choose the broker with the lowest spreads. For example, if one broker is offering 2 pips spread on EUR/USD pair while another is offering 1 pip spread, you should choose the second broker.

You should also make sure that there are no slippages and the orders are executed instantly without any reqoutes with the broker that you choose. Choose a wrong broker and you will end up with frustration as most of the trades will be losers. So choose your broker carefully. Make sure the broker allows scalping. You can do this by emailing the support and asking them point blank whether they allow scalping or not. Some brokers specifically mention that they allow scalping while others mention that they don’t allow it. So you need to check it first before you commit yourself to that broker.

The best pairs for scalping are EUR/USD and GBP/USD. Both these pairs are highly liquid and have low spreads. Test the Furious Scalper Indicator on the demo account. Make a trading journal and enter each trade in that journal. Make at least 100 trades with this indicator on the demo account. After making 100 trades, calculate the average win rate of this indicator. If this indicator has got an average win rate of less than 80%, simply ask for a refund. If the win rate is above 80% and the average size of the win is much bigger than the average size of the loss, you can think about using this Furious Scalper Indicator on a live account.