Forex Turbo Scalper By Rita Lasker Made 4097 Pips in 2 Weeks Of Testing!!

Forex Turbo ScalperForex Turbo Scalper software is the latest product launched by Rita Lasker and her Green FX Group. Rita Lasker is claiming that her Forex Turbo Scalper indicator made 4097 pips in 2 weeks of testing done by her team. According to Rita Lasker, this is a unique turbo system for manual scalping that sends on average more than 50 signals daily and can make you more than 200 pips if you follow all the signals.The screenshot on the right shows a total of 208 pips. This might be one of the good days. On average expect to make something like 30-50 pips with this software.

Let’s be clear. Scalping is risky. Risky in the sense that you have to be very attentive when you scalp. You are going for small profits. In the process of making these small profits, you can trip and end up with a big loss. This means scalping needs a lot of nerves. You need to make 5-10 scalping trades at least each day to make something like 20-40 pips. If you like this style of trading, it is upto you. So what you need is a highly reliable indicator that can help you when you scalp.

There are advantages of scalping as well. If you can really master it then you have an ATM. Whenever you have something like 30-60 minutes, you can easily grab 20-30 pips and even more depending upon what time of the market you are trading. The problem is if you just stick to 1 or 2 pairs you wont be able to get many scalping signals. But with this Forex Turbo Scalper you can get scalping signals for any currency pair. You can choose M5 timeframe of M15 timeframe whatever suits you. On M5 timeframe, you can go for quick and fast scalping trades making 15-20 pips each time. However, you will need to be very attentive when making these trades. On the other hand on the M15 timeframe, you can go for even 30-50 pips per trade. But it will take more time. Here is the screenshot of the this Forex Turbo Scalper in action!

FX Turbo Scalper

As you can see, it made 11 trades. The total pips made in these 11 pips was 127 pips. This is what you should do. Download this Forex Turbo Scalper. It comes with full two months of  no questions asked money back guarantee. Test it on the demo account for two to three weeks. After making at least 100 trades, make your decision. If you don’t think it is a good software, simply ask for a refund.