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You can download this 117 page Forex Scalping eBook FREE. If you are looking for a good resource on forex scalping, this 117 page Forex Scalping eBook can help you a lot.  As a trader, you should master both scalping as well as swing trading.  Since the currency market ranges almost 70% of the time, scalping opportunities are far more as compared to swing trading opportunities. Even when there is a trend, you can scalp. However this requires some counter trend trading skill. The best timeframes for scalping are M1, M5 and M15. Many traders have this misconception that scalping can be only done on the lower timeframes. This is not true! You can also use H1, H4 and D1 timeframes for scalping. Making 20-50 pips in 30-60 minutes is not difficult for an expert scalper.

FREE Forex Scalping eBook

Let’s be clear. Forex scalping is not easy. Scalping is labor intensive unlike swing trading. It requires a lot of attention and care to go for these tiny trades making 10-20 pips each time. As a scalper you will need to continuously monitor the chart. However, since you are going for 10-20 pip movement in the market, you can do scalping almost anytime you want. It is not difficult to spot these 10-20 pip movements in the market.  Asian Session is considered to be the least volatile but even during the least volatile market session, you can spot small 10-20 pip movements. That means you can do scalping comfortably during the Asian Market Session as well when the market is not moving much. Of course, the best times are during the London Market Session and the NY Market Session during which time these small 10-20 pips movement can develop into a 100-150 pip momentum breakout.

In order to become a scalper, you will need a lot of practice and training. What is the best trading tool for a scalper? Guess! Yes, it is good training and eduction. Don’t try to become a trader without first getting yourself a good eduction and training in technical analysis. The backbone of any forex strategy is the solid technical analysis that you do. When you download this Forex Scalping eBook, you will learn many scalping techniques. Table of content of this eBook is shown below:

What is “Scalping”?
The Joy of Scalping
Great Expectations
Use with “Forex Freedom”?

Basic Considerations
Practice Makes Wisdom
Tools of the Trade
Your Computer
Serious Trading Computer
Practice Account
Broker Spreads & Tradable Currencies
Pip Padding
Overview of the Techniques
Stop Frequency
Equity Management
Kamikaze Scalpers
Currency Pair Choice

The Techniques
Trading Mechanics
Premises of Scalping
Picking Tops & Bottoms (Part A)
Petit Trends
Sharp Reversals
Caffeinated Market
Secure Your Entry
Bi-Directional In-Wave Entry
Safer Stops
Fibonacci Guidance
Specialized Fibonacci Observances
Adding S.E.X. Lines
Exit / Enter Reverse Thinking
Picking Tops & Bottoms (Part B)
Compounding Gains
Watching Multiple Charts
Bigger Perspectives

The Opportunities
The Four Main Opportunities
Micro Trends & Trends
Pattern Breakouts
After FA
Within Ranges

Additional Tips
Modified Slanted Channel Surf Zones
Day Running Scalp
Creative Combinations
Scale Shifting
Sunday Trading
Quick Trends
FA Considerations
Wine & Cheese
Extra Examples
The Beginning

As you can see you will get a lot of solid material in this eBook that will help you a lot in becoming a scalper. As said above, practice makes a man perfect. Once you have selected a scalping strategy, you should practice it on the demo account and master it to perfection. Only then trade live with it. You can download this 117 page Forex Scalping eBook FREE.


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      I love to trade EURUSD and GBPUSD. However I also trade other pairs. You can try my forex signals for 15 days and get coaching on skype as well. This is my new product. I just need 3-5 days for it to get approved from clickbank. So you will have to wait 5 days for this product to get approved and become active: