Forex Sakura Robot Trades USDJPY And EURUSD Pair On H1

Forex Sakura Robot has been developed by Dan Murakami. Forex Sakura Robot has been optimized to trade USDJPY and EURUSD pairs on H1 timeframe. Forex Sakura Robot made 1215 pips in 1 month with an accuracy of 90% which is not bad. You should watch the video below that shows Forex Sakura Robot in action.


Dan Murakami only trades USDJPY and EURUSD pairs. Most of the time, he only trades USDJPY. He had a manual strategy for trading both these pairs on H1 timeframe that has now be 100% automated with this Forex Sakura Robot. The test results on a live account had been very encouraging as said above this robot made 1215 pips in 1 month. If you want you can download this robot and test it on the demo account for 2 months. Just install it on the demo account and let it run uninterrupted. After 1 month check the stats. If you think the performance is good, you can let it run for another month before you make the final decision of taking the risk of trading live with this robot. If the performance is not good, simply get a refund. The idea of testing a new robot on the demo account will always save you from getting a live account blown by an untested robot.

Forex Sakura