Forex Pips Gizmo Scalper Blueprint And Trend Rider Strategies By Rahul!

Forex Pips Gizmo is the collection of two trading strategies. One is a scalping strategy that is explained in the Forex Scalper Blueprint and the other is a trend trading strategy that is explained in the Forex Trend Rider. Rahul the developer of Forex Pips Gizmo is an accomplished forex trader. As a trader, you should have both a scalping strategy as well as a trend trading strategy in your arsenal of trading strategies. Because almost 70% of the time, the market ranges or moves sideways while it only trends for about 30% of the time. If you are a full time trader, you should have a solid scalping strategy for making daily pips during 70% of the time when the market is just moving sideways. And when a trend develops, you should be able to make as many pips as possible while it lasts with a solid trend trading strategy. Forex Pips Gizmo does precisely that. It teaches both a scalping strategy as well as a trend trading strategy.

Forex Scalper Blueprint

In this Forex Scalper Blueprint, Rahul is going to teach you how to make 15-30 pips multiple times a day anytime during any trading session. Of course, the best trading sessions are always the London Session and the NY Session. In this Forex Scalper Blueprint, you will get clear cut instructions on when to enter and when to exit with almost no ambiguity. You will know precisely where to put the stop loss for each trade. This is something very important. Risk in most of the trades will be between 5-15 pips. You will also learn how to use the concept of Support and Resistance in order to improve the accuracy of the trade. Plus you will also be told what are the best times to trade with this Forex Scalper Blueprint and what are the times that you should avoid. With this Forex Scalping Blueprint, you will be able to make 50-70 pips daily with 4-5 trades per day.

Forex Trend Rider

When a trend develops, the market can go up or down by 300-400 pips before a retracement develops. In this Forex Trend Rider Strategy, you will learn how to capitalize on a trend and make 300-400 pips easily. Unlike a scalper who has to make multiple trades each day, a trend trade can be almost set and forget if you spot the trend correctly. Once you have a trend rider trade, the trade can continue with little maintenance.

You have got 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee period. If you want, you can download this Forex Pips Gizmo and practice these two strategies on a demo account for a period of two months. Make a trading journal and enter each trade in that trading journal. After one month, do a thorough evaluation of the Forex Pips Gizmo Strategies. If you are happy and are making pips, you can practice more. On the other hand, if you are not happy and are losing pips, simply get a refund.