Forex Pip Poacher Software By William Shelton!

Forex Pip Poacher is a new software that has been launched by William Shelton. William Shelton claims that Forex Pip Poacher turned a deposit of $2K into $228.2K in just 10 months. He has posted a few screenshots of the performance of his software on the third party verified site Below is a screenshot of the bank account of William Shelton.

Forex Pip Poacher

As the screenshot shows he seems to have made a lot of money with this robot. There are many garbage robots being sold in the market. You never know whether what William Shelton is saying is true or not. The only way to figure that out is to test this Forex Pips Poacher on the demo account for two months. William Shelton is giving 60 days money back guarantee so you can safely do that. Download this robot, install it on the demo account, choose your risk settings and then let it trade round the clock uninterrupted. If it makes a good gain in one month, you can think about further trading with it. If it makes a huge drawdown on the demo account, you should get a refund. Below is another screenshot of this robot making 449 pips.

Forex Pips Poacher

Now William Shelton doesn’t tell us about the strategy being used by this robot. He only says this much that this robot uses both short term and long term trend strategies, it uses a multiple timeframe trend scanner, it has a candlestick patterns scanner and a built in money management system.