Forex Daily Scalper Made $14.38K In 1 Month!

Forex Daily Scalper is the latest product that has been launched by Rita Lasker and her Green Forex team. Forex Daily Scalper is a friendly and accurate scalping system that made 1438 pips in 3 weeks  from 26th August to 20th September for the Green Forex team. As these 1438 pips were made with 1 standard lot being traded, the profit made during these 3 weeks was $14,380. Below is a screenshot of Forex Daily Scalper in action!

Forex Daily Scalper

The best timeframe for this indicator is M5. So in 3 weeks, this scalper indicator made 453 pips on EUR/USD, 412 pips on GBP/USD and 562 pips on USD/JPY making a total of 1438 pips. On EUR/USD a total of 58 trades were made. 41 were winners and the winrate was 71%. On GBP/USD 46 total trades were made. 34 were winners with a winrate of 74% while on USD/JPY a total of 55 trades were made. 42 were winners with a winrate of 76%. In total 159 trades were made with 117 winners giving an overall winrate of 74%.

Forex Daily Scalper

These are Forex Daily Scalper advantages:

  • Day-to-Day flexible scalping algorithm
  • Unique VisualScalping technology
  • TripleMode adjustable interface
  • Signals accuracy: 80% in safe mode
  • Accuracy boost with filters UP to 93%
  • Any MetaTrader4 broker compatible
  • Full indication: alerts + arrows + more…

Forex Daily Scalper

Rita Lasker is giving full 30 days of no questions asked money back guarantee to anyone interested in testing her Forex Daily Scalper Indicator. If you are interested, you can safely download this indicator. Just make sure that you first make at least 50 trades on the demo account first with this Forex Daily Scalper.