Forex 5000 Dollars Robot Made $8,928 In 1 Month

Forex 5000 Dollars Robot has bee recently launched by Rita Lasker and her Green Forex Team. Forex 5000 Dollars Robot has been developed to trade EUR/USD and USD/CAD pairs on M30 timeframe. Special features that have been programmed into this robot are profit protection system with stealth trading, Friday trading control feature, semi automatic red channel safety system and  money management with auto lot size. Below is a screenshot of this Forex 5000 Dollars Robot in action trading EUR/USD pair on M30 timeframe. This robot made +514 pips from Jan 13 to Feb 13, 2014! The total EUR/USD trades made by this robot during this period were 43. 9 trades were losers out of these 43 trades giving an average winrate of 79%. The drawdown was only 6%.

Forex 5000 Dollars

This is another screenshot of this robot in action trading USD/CAD pair on M30 timeframe. It made 411 pips! The total USD/CAD trades made by this robot were 29. Only 4 trades were loser from this total of 29 trades giving an average 86.2% winrate. The drawdown was only 4%.

Forex 5000 Dollars

Now the Red Channel Safety System helps in avoiding bad trades being made by this robot. The trader can set two red lines above and below which the robot will not open any trade. This Red Channel levels help avoid trading the short lived volatility created by the fundamental news release.

Forex 5000 Dollars

This robot also incorporates hedging control feature plus sensitive stop loss feature. This robot made 925 pips in 77 total trades. The average winrate was 83% and the drawdown was only 6%. Now Rita Lasker is giving full 30 days of no questions asked money back guarantee.

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  • robert sonich

    February 28, 2014

    no one mentioned the fact that forex 5000 dollar robot is the same robot that rita lasker was selling about a month ago called forex us dealer robot.
    the only difference was the forex us dealer robot had an extra currency pair, I know because I checked it over and over again. why would she do something like that? something strange going on here.