Forex 50 Pips System By Rita Lasker For Trading Micro Trends!

Forex 50 Pips is the new forex software developed by Rita Lasker and her team of expert programmers. As the name implies this forex software has been developed to make at least 50 pips daily. This Forex 50 Pips Software makes 50 pips daily by trading the micro trends. It works exclusively on the EUR/USD pair M15 timeframe. If you are trading with a deposit of only $250-$1000, then this Forex 50 Pips is the best indicator for you. Take a look at the performance of this forex indicator in 1 day.

Forex 50 Pips

As the above picture shows this Forex50Pips indicator made a total of +65 pips in just 1 day of trading. If you have been trading for a while, you might have often heard this oft repeated saying: “Trend is your friend.” But Rita Lasker is saying that trend is not your friend, only the micro trend is your friend especially if you are trading with a small deposit of $250-$1000.

This Forex50Pips indicator uses the Microshifting Technology that gives profitable trading signals regardless of a trend in the market as it detects the micro trends and alerts you when there is a potential of making a profit of anywhere from 3-25 pips.  So even if there is no trend in the market, you can trade the micro trends. However, you will have to enter the signals manually.

With this Forex 50 Pips Indicator, you can squeeze pips out of the most trendless market. It’s Forex Microshifting Algorithm will let you catch the start of a short and a minor correction in the market even when there is no clear trend present or the trend present is very weak and help you squeeze out quick pips. This is done through the dynamic filtration of three parameters that are:

1. Global Trend Direction
2. Trade Volume
3. Interaction of the microtrends within a specific timeframe.

This Forex 50 Pips Indicator has been developed exclusively for the EUR/USD pair M15 timeframe as said above. Only way to know whether this software is going to work or not is to first test it thoroughly on a demo account. You have got 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee to test this Forex50Pip Software on your demo account. If it doesn’t work and the winrate is too low, simply get a refund. Incase it works well on the demo account, open a live account with a small deposit of $200 and trade live using a lot size of 0.1. See how fast you can build your account from this small level by making 50 pips daily.