Filtering Scalping Trades Using Forex Replicator Indicator!

Scalping is done to grab 10-20 pips each time you enter into a trade. You have to be very precise and accurate in predicting the next movement of the candles if you want to make a successful scalping trade. If you have a trading system that has a good win rate and it gives the entry and the exit signals, you can further improve the accuracy of your trading system by using the Forex Replicator Indicator as a filter.

Forex Replicator Indicator has been developed by William Morrison. William Morrison is a professional trader with many years of experience. He has developed this Forex Replicator Indicator that scans the past historical data to predict the next few candles with more than 90% accuracy. So this is what this indicator is going to do. When you are about to enter into a buy trade using your scalping system, make sure that this indicator is also predicting next few candles to be bullish. If it does, safely enter into a trade.

However, if Forex Replicator Indicator is predicting the next few candles to be bearish, skip that signal. In the same manner, if your scalping system is predicting a short trade and Forex Replicator Indicator is predicting the next few candles to be bullish, you should skip the trade. However, if it is predicting the next few candles to be bearish, you can enter into a short trade with confidence.  This way you can filter out a losing trade from the very start.

What happens most of the time is that your scalping system tells you to enter into a long or a short trade. You enter into a long or a short trade and put the stop loss. To your horror the stop loss gets hit first and later on price starts to move in the direction that you had wanted it to move in the first place. But now you can do nothing about it as the stop loss order has been hit and you are out of the market. By using this Forex Replicator Indicator you can avoid many such losing trades. You can test this strategy on the demo account first and see how much the win rate of your scalping system improves.

William Morrison made a return of 85.7% using his Forex Replicator Indicator. If your scalping system has a win rate of 80% and by using this indicator developed by William Morrison, you are able to take the win rate to above 90%, you will see your drawdown going down by a good percentage.