Every Day Pips Forex System That Uses Two Simple Indicators And Has A Win Rate Of 87%!

Every Day Pips Forex System is a simple system that does not use any complicated indicators. There are many systems that are using customized software. But this Every Day Pips Forex System only uses the MACD indicator and the Bollinger Bands (BBs). Both MACD and BBs are standard indicators that are available on all the charting platforms. MACD (pronounced Mac Dee) is a versatile indicator that every pro trader loves to use in his/her technical analysis. It is basically the difference of two moving averages. Even though it calculates the difference of two moving averages, one slow and the other fast, it often functions like a leading indicator.

On the other hand, Bollinger Bands are used to measure the volatility in the market. BBs comprise of a signal line that is a simple moving average followed by two other lines at a distance of two standard deviations. The idea is most of the price action will fall between these two lines. If the price action falls outside these two lines, it means it will return within the bands pretty soon.

What this Every Day Pips Forex System does is make two trades daily at two different exact times. It uses MACD as a filter that tells whetther you are going to go long or short at that precise time. In addition you can also use the Bollinger Bands as well as an filter to increase the accuracy of the trade. That’s it with this Every Day Pips Forex System. Nothing complicated. No need to stare at the charts for hours looking for a trade setup.

Just open the charts at the specific time. Look at the MACD and the BBs and make your decision whether you want to go long or short. By the way the win rate of these trades is around 87%. The best way to discover whether this system works or not is to download it and test it on a demo account for a period of one month. Make the two trades daily at the specified time. At the end of the month, calculate the win rate and the profit factor of the system. If it is good, you can include this Every Day Pips Forex System in your arsenal. And in case the performance is not good, you can ask for a refund.