Element FX System Gives 100% Price Action Signals!

Element FX is a forex system that identifies price action on the dual timeframes to give Buy/Sell signals. You can compare this Element FX System to professional traders signaling you. With other systems and EAs, you need a specific timeframe like the M15, M30, H1, H4 or D1 to trade. However with this ElementFX System there is no specific timeframe meaning you can use it on any timeframe. ElementFX is a dynamic system that can be a good addition to any other forex system that you are using. It uses multiple formula based on Fibonacci, S&R, Trendlines to provide multiple take profit targets as well as it identifies stop loss levels based on price action and support and resistance.


This is a screenshot of a sell trade. You will get a signal when there is a high probability trading opportunity. When it tells you to Sell Now or Buy Now, you will enter into a short or a long trade. Just above this Buy or a Sell Signal message, you will also also get the H1 and D1 trend. This particularly useful if you are a scalper. If the trend on both the H1 and D1 timeframe is down and you are selling, it confirms a stronger sell signal. In the same manner, if the trend on both H1 and D1 is up, it confirms a stronger buy signal. You can choose the higher timeframes that you want to see the momentum before you trade.

'ElementFX System

This is another feature of this Element FX software. In the above scrreenshot, you can see a few trendlines and squares. You can add even more trendlines and squares which will help you in deciding the take profit and the stop loss level.

'Element FX

In this screenshot, you see an example of a live trade. Element Forex software has sensed that the market is in a strong mood to go up based on the above trendlines that the professional bank traders use so it has messaged to buy on the next candle.

Element FX System

Now in this screenshot, Elemental Forex software tells you where to place the stop loss. The developer team has implemented as you can see every possible formula that has proven to work in currency trading. You have got full two months to test this software on your demo account. This system uses the basic elements of technical analysis that has proven to work in the forex market. If in these two months, you feel that this software does not make you a better trader, you can ask for a refund.