50 Pips Set Forget Secret Forex Strategy That Does Not Use Any Indicators

This  50 Pips Set Forget Secret Forex Strategy does not use any indicators. Everyday something happens in the currency market at almost the same time that gives you the opportunity to make 50 pips daily. This 50 Pips Set Forget Forex Strategy is a price action based strategy that is 100% mechanical. With this mechanical forex strategy, you don’t need to watch the market all the time. You also don’t need to use any indicators when trading with this 50 pip set forget secret strategy. Trading this 50 pip daily strategy won’t take more than 10 minutes per day.


Now in the month of August a total of 19 trades were made using this strategy. 16 were winners and 3 were losers. This gives a win rate of something like 84%. A total of 344 pips were made and only 37 pips were lost. These are the trading results for the month of August for the pair EUR/USD!

1st August  -16 pips lost
2nd August-The order didn’t get triggered
3rd August +20 pips made
4th August was Saturday a weekend so no trade
5th August was Sunday so no trade

6th August-The order did not get executed
7th August +10 pips were made
8th August +10 pips were again made
9th August +42 pips were made which is good
10th August +24 pips were made
11th August was again Saturday
12th August was Sunday a weekend

13th August +40 pips were made
14th August +24 pips were made
15th August +16 pips were made
16th August -12 pips were lost and +24 pips were made
17th August +24 pips were made
18th August was Saturday
19th August was Sunday

20th August the order didn’t get triggered
21st August +18 pips were made
22nd August+22 pips were made
23rd August trade didn’t get triggered
24th August +20 pips were made
25th August was Saturday
26th August was Sunday

27th August the order didn’t get executed
28th August +10 pips were made
29th August -9 pips were lost
30th August +18 pips were made
31st August +22 pips were made

As you can see from the above results, there were days when the order didn’t get triggered and there was no trade. Somedays only 10 pips were made. There were days when more than 40 pips were made. On average something like 20 pips were made. These were the results for trading only one pair EUR/USD. As said above there were 16 winners and only 3 losers. Trading only one pair EUR/USD resulted in making +344 pips. If you had traded more than one pair, say you had traded 2-3 pairs, you could have made 50-150 pips daily.

The developer is giving 30 days of money back guarantee. So if you get interested in testing this 50 Pips per day Set Forget Secret Forex Strategy, you can download it and try it on the demo account. If you get good results, you can think about trading live with it. If the results are not good, simply ask for a refund.

50 Pips Set Forget Secret