100 Pips Today Scalper Indicator Can Make 25+ Pips Per Hour

100 Pips Today Scalper is the latest scalping indicator that has been launched. This 100 Pips Today Scalper claims to make 100 pips daily as the name implies. The developer is claiming that his new scalping indicator can make 25+ pips per hour.

100 Pips Today Scalper

As the above screenshot shows, 100 Pips Today Scalper made a profit of 54 pips in 1 hour. The developer claims that he made a total of 114 pips with his new scalping indicator in 24 hours which gives an average of 38 pips/hour. The developer says that his new scalping indicator works best on the 1 minute timeframe and that his indicator knows exactly where the price action will be in the next few minutes before the price actually moves.

Now the developer is giving 30 days of no questions asked money back guarantee so that if you get interested you can test drive his 100 Pips Today Scalper software. Just download it. Install it on your demo account. It will take just a few minutes to install the indicator in the experts folder. After that reopen the MT4 platform and double click the 100 Pips Today Scalper in the left window to install it on the 1 minute chart. Wait for the signal to be generated. Once you get the signal, buy/sell according to the signal on the demo account. Test this 100 Pips Today Scalper indicator thoroughly on the demo account before you think about trading live with it.